. 2022 — 50 X 50 cm. Paillettes collées sur toile bombée à la bombe or. Neurogender describes when one's gender is in some way linked to one's neurodivergence, mental illness, or neurological conditions. It is an umbrella term for any gender related to being neurodivergent, but it can also be used as an identity on its own. Neurogender is not neurodivergence as a gender, but rather is a gender or experience of gender that is so heavily influenced by one's neurodivergence that one's gender and neurodivergence cannot be unlinked. Not everyone who is neurodivergent identifies as a neurogender, only those who feel their gender is influenced by their status as neurodivergent. Neurogenders are exclusive to those of a given neurotype, though oftentimes there are similar terms available to neurotypical individuals who have similar experiences and don't wish to appropriate. Neurogenders are sometimes considered to be a type of xenogender.