(G)ender (N)on (C)onforming

2022 — 50 X 50 cm. Paillettes collées sur toile bombée à la bombe or.

Gender non-conforming (GNC) people do not follow gender stereotypes; they differ from their society's conventional binary expectations of masculine or feminine presentation. Gender non-conformity can encompass many things, such as gender expression or gender roles. It is typically apparent in people whose gender identity is a binary gender such as male or female, whether they are cisgender or transgender; for instance, a feminine trans man and a feminine cis man are both non-conforming with expectations of masculinity. The term is not equivalent to non-binary or trans, but some trans or non-binary people also identify as gender non-conforming. It is sometimes seen as an umbrella term for non-binary genders, such as in the initialism "TGNC" (trans and gender non-conforming).
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