(T)wo-spirit or Two spirit

2022 — 50 X 50 cm. Paillettes collées sur toile bombée à la bombe or.

Two-Spirit refers to a strictly Native identity that describes a person who identifies as having both a masculine and feminine spirit. It is an umbrella term used by some Indigenous people as a way to describe their sexual, gender, and/or spiritual identity. Two-Spirit is all-encompassing of LGBTQIA+ identities.
While some use the term specifically as it relates to the cultural roles of individuals who embody both spirits, Two-Spirit is also used to describe Aboriginal LGBTQIA+ people. It reflects traditionally Aboriginal gender diversity, including the fluid nature of gender, sexual identity, and other identities and how it connects with spirituality. Two-Spirit is also an ancient teaching among Indigenous people. According to Elders' teachings, some people were gifted by carrying two spirits; that of a male and female. These members had roles in their community that were not traditionally that of their assigned gender. For example, women engaged in tribal warfare, women married women, and men married other men. Two-Spirited people were revered in the community and respected as fundamental components of these cultures and societies.
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