Misunderstandings and translation paradoxies in Zurich


2009-05-22 -> 2009-07-19
Shedhalle, seestrasse 395 postfach 771 ch-8038 Zurich (Suisse)
exhibition 23 may – 19 july 2009
artists: lieven de boeck, katharina cibulka/eva ji?i?ka, josef dabernig, saskia holmkvist, nina katchadourian, pascal lièvre m.a. numminen, stefan römer, sean snyder, szuper gallery, gitte villesen, barbara visser

film recommendations and commentaries / « personal translation » from rael artel, brent klinkum, a. titolo, olivia plender, stefanie schulte strathaus
the third and final part of the project series translation paradoxes and misunderstandings concludes the fourth project series and at the same time, marking the end of our five-year curator ship at the shedhalle, provides an opportunity to reflect the question of translation paradoxes, which invariably also have an impact on the intersubjective level.