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Bisexual, or bi, is a sexual orientation encompassing sexual attraction to multiple genders and/or sexes, with various definitions that include:
Attraction to men and women
Attraction to two or more sexes or genders
Attraction to one's own gender and to at least one other
Attraction to all sexes or genders
Attraction regardless of gender or sex
Some bisexual people experience different kinds of attractions to the genders or sexes they are attracted to, or may feel attracted to different sexes or genders over time. Bisexuals may feel equally attracted or may be primarily attracted or more strongly attracted to one or more of them compared to the other(s). Bisexuality is also an umbrella term for multiple attractions, the definitions of which overlap. Individuals may have a preference in which specific label they use or draw distinctions between bisexuality and other labels, such as pansexual and omnisexual. (LGBTA+ Wiki)
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