2022 — 50 x 50cm. Paillettes collées sur toile bombée à la bombe or.

Agender, also known as genderless can be one of the A terms in the acronym LGBTQIA+.It is a gender identity that has been defined multiple ways, including: Not identifying with any gender, particularly the gender binary; not male, not female, not both or neither./ Feeling gender neutral./ The absence of a feeling of gender or lacking gender./ Rejecting the concept of gender./ Feeling the concept of gender is personally irrelevant./
While agender is typically considered under the transgender and/or non-binary umbrellas, different individuals may or may not identify with those terms; those who do use them do not need to transition physically, legally, or socially to be agender. Some agender people are genderfluid, meaning their gender identity is not static and changes from being agender. Agender individuals can have any type of gender expression and use any set of pronouns or no pronouns at all just like any other individual can. (LGBTA+ Wiki)
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